Structured settlement purchasers are buying structured settlements as an alternative to getting a lump-sum payment from the claimants. These structured settlements have been awarded by a jury and are paid over a period of time to the claimant. The amount is calculated with an interest rate usually ranging from three to six percent.

Structured settlement purchasers are basically investors looking to buy future payments from Claimants in a lump sum. There is no guarantee that the lump sum will be a return. Structured settlement purchasing does not involve interest or principal and instead, it involves a profit. The more sales that a company makes; the greater the profit.

This profit is however conditional. Most structured settlement purchasers tend to opt for a discount rate that is below the prevailing discount rates in order to maximize their profit. This is the reason why most of them are investors and not companies. If you are a claimant and are involved in a commercial annuity plan; you should know that the plan is usually set up to have a fixed rate. So if the discount rate turns out to be higher than what has been decided, you would get less than what you were expecting.

Benfits Structured Settlement Purchasers

Structured settlement purchasers are entities or individuals that purchase structured settlements. Structured settlement purchasers buy these settlements at bargain prices; they are not brokers like real estate agents. These firms buy through third-party firms and they pay lump sum cash to the claimant for purchasing structured settlements. If you have been awarded a settlement as compensation, you might as well consider selling it because the cash you get is more than what you will get from insurance companies.

A lot of people think that these firms will not be able to offer good rates for structured settlements because of the fact that they are not registered with the Better Business Bureau. Fact: Structured settlement purchasers are registered with the Better Business Bureau and they are usually paid by the annuity providers directly. Note: Selling annuity payments actually refers to transferring and selling all existing structured settlement payment rights. Selling 60 month payments of $ 1000 each = $60k sold. A larger lump sum received better.

So if you are in need of cash and looking for a company that can give you good rates, you can find them online. Before approaching factoring or other structured settlement companies, make sure that the firm you choose has a license to deal with your state’s legal system. You should also check whether they are licensed with the Better Business Bureau

Facts About Structured Settlement Purchasers

Structured settlement purchasers have to be really creative when it comes to buying structured settlements because the buying process is much different than with ordinary payments. Note: Structured settlement purchasing also refers to transferring and selling structured settlement payment contracts. If you’re selling structured settlement payments, obviously you’d want the highest possible discount percentage you can get. Structured settlement purchasers must do their due diligence before signing any deal. It may sound like common sense, but it’s actually very important to remember because the terms of a contract can change from one buyer to another.

One factor that can seriously affect your chances of successfully selling your annuity is the factoring companies’ position in your contract. One of the first things buyers from factoring companies check is your state insurance department’s records on your annuity. That’s not all. The factoring company may also check with your state’s attorney general’s office and even the county courthouse. That means you may need to initiate the necessary investigations yourself. In fact, the factoring company’s reputation in your state or county can be a big factor in deciding if the company will buy your annuity.

One more consideration is the factoring company’s right to redemption. Remember, they are buying your future payments at one-time-sale prices. That gives them the ability to buy your structured settlement purchases for the current discounted value less any early pay-out costs. That can add up to big profits for the factoring company, but it can also mean that you will have to fork over a big chunk of your future payments should you ever need to cash out the monies you’ve paid to them.

Structured Settlement Purchasers Sollution

Structured settlement purchasers are looking for immediate funding. They know they will have to pay a percentage of the total amount as an upfront fee but want a lump sum now. In most states, the structured settlement purchasers must wait at least a month before they can receive the cash, but you do have the option to sell your structured settlement payment for immediate cash now.

Most structured settlement purchasers prefer buying from companies that are licensed to buy annuities. There are several ways these licensing companies go about doing this. One way they advertise themselves is by saying they buy annuities and selling them. Another way they advertise themselves, by telling you that they are in fact buying annuities and selling them. The third way they advertise themselves is by saying that they are in fact brokers that match individuals with companies that wish to purchase their structured settlement.

Annuity purchasers make their money when a person sells their annuity payments for immediate cash. They make their money when the sale is made at a price less than the current market value for one or more structured settlements. Once a person sells their settlement, the structured settlement purchaser takes over and assumes all the responsibility of making the payments on the settlement. They make their money when they buy the settlements from individuals. This process attracts many people because they can just walk into a store and purchase a settlement today.


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